Photo of Uncle Aristides found on a recent trip to Stymfalia. A notable hero from my childhood years and a key figure in the Greek resistance during WWII against the Nazis. Besides being a Resistance organizer, he was also a true peace-maker and an unparalleled Democrat. During the Civil War, he saved the lives of many people. He is a prominent figure in my memoir.

This is Evagoras (in real life, his name was Panoulis). He was another hero who stood up to the Nazis in a dramatic, courageous way. His story begins on page 104 of the book (print version).

Another hero of my childhood to this day, from my village of Killini, was Father Anastasios or Pateras Papa-Anastasis. He was a truly faithful servant of God. During the Nazi Occupation and the Civil War that raged for seven years afterward, he managed to unify our village. His wisdom and peaceful nature helped save many villagers from the Nazis’ wrath. His memory will forever remain eternal to all those who knew him!

This is of Dr. Athanasios, named Dr. Nestoras in the book (May, 1942). He stood tall in defiance against the Nazi’s. His boldness, humanity, and bravery saved Iasona's village of  Killini from annihilation when he disarmed a German officer. His story starts in Chapter 3, page 105 (print version) where he is referred to as, Doctor & Savior. He deserves a place in history worthy of admiration; he will remain my eternal hero. As background, Nestoras was the King of ancient Pylos, a town located in southern Peloponnese. Legend has it that King Nestoras, had healing abilities. This is why in mythology/history he bears the title of Doctor.

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Photographs from "Miseries of Occupation" published by Artemis Arrow Books, 2016.