First English edition published by

Artemis Arrow Books, 2016.

My childhood home town of Killini (in the Peloponnese) is almost the main character of my memoir titled, “Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers.”

This summer, while my daughter Tina Koskoletos, was here for her annual visit, we shot a series of videos that align with events we chronicle in the book such as my childhood home where my story begins, the town square where my mother had to appear – surrounded by all the villagers – before a judge for stealing a few plums, and there are a few videos here of the ancient town of Corinth with brief remarks about its history.

I narrate; Tina acted as videographer! We will be adding more videos to this collection from time to time.

​The author's memoir follows his own harrowing ordeals with the Nazis--getting lost in a forest surrounded by guerrilla factions, or escaping to a cave (pictured in slideshow) with his mother and siblings to hide from enemy troops--but once he grows up he becomes obsessed with finding out why his father, Leonidas, was captured, held as a prisoner for years, tried as a criminal and subsequently executed along with 16 of his fellow Greek compatriots.

Iasona navigates one obstacle after another from an early age to his early adulthood when he can finally begin to grasp the context of World War II and how it impacted his life, his family and the people of Greece.

"The Miseries of Occupation" is a memoir of unparalleled emotion that follows Iasona’s struggles against a dangerous backdrop of war, and we witness his determination to solve the mystery surrounding his father’s unjust capture and subsequent execution.

Iasona is six years old when the Nazis invade Greece. He is struggling to not only survive the harsh conditions that were ever-present for centuries in the mountain village of Killini (in the Peloponnese), but he is suddenly pitted against two archenemies: the Nazis; and an all-powerful—Uncle Iaveris!—his nemesis from birth.

Meanwhile, our hero’s father, Leonidas, is taken prisoner by Greek Nazi collaborators who terrorized ordinary Greek citizens who were desperately unaware of the political forces swirling around them.

Τολμήστε το ανεπαναλυπτο ταξίδι της ζωής σας!  Εκει που λίγοι μπόρεσαν να φτάσουν. Ταξιδέψτε με τον συγγραφέα απο τη μακρινή οςο και μαγευτική Αλασκα μεχρι τα βάθη της Ασιατικής Τουρκίας.

Λάβετε μερος στον Τρωικο Πόλεμο. Γνωρίστε Απο κοντα τους ήρωες του δεκαετούς πολέμου. Η μονομαχία του Αχιλλέα με τον Έκτορα έξω απο τα τείχη της Τροιας θα σας αφήσει άναυδους. Με ξεναγό τον παλαίμαχο Παππού Σταύρο θα ζηςετε στιγμές μεγαλείου, ηρωισμού και αυταπάρνησης της ένδοξης Ελληνικής Στρατιάς με αποκορύφωμα την αιματηρή Μαχη στο Σαγγάριο. 

Μάθετε για την τραγωδία της ένδοξης στρατιάς οταν προδομένη απο τους ξενόδουλους της Αθήνας και τους δόλιους "συμμάχους" αναγκάζεται σε άτακτη υποχώρηση μεςα απο τη θανατηφόρα Αλμυρά Έρημο...Μάθετε απο πρώτο χερι την  Αλήθεια για τη Γενοκτονία των Ελληνων της Μικρας Αςιας...

Απολαύςτε απο απόσταση αναπνοής το μεγαλείο του ελληνικού Πολιτιςμου... Τα θαυμαςτα θέατρα των προγόνων μας, τα στάδια, τους καταπληκτικούς ναούς.. Τωρα στενάζουν υπο την κατοχη των σουλτάνων...Φίλες/φίλοι, προκειται για μια καινοτόμο ιςτορια. Θα σας γοητεύσει, θα σας συναρπάσει, θα σας συγκινήσει, θα σας κάνει περήφανους για την ελληνικη σας καταγωγη! 

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Source: "Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers" 2016. 



By Konstantinos Koskoletos 

On Monday, June 19, 2017, we set out to revisit the exact location in Aegina, Greece, where the first politically motivated assassinations of 17 Greek National Resistance fighters. took place exactly 70 years ago, to the day (06/19/1947). We are grateful to the Hellenic Navy for granting us the permission to enter this otherwise restricted zone.

The video is narrated in Greek and in English. A special thank you goes to our videographer, Niko Nikolopoulos. And to my wife, Magdalene, for being the pillar of our family and my daughter, Tina Konstantine Koskoletos, for making this special journey from NJ, USA, to honor my father (her grandfather, Efthemios Koskoletos) at this 70th-year memorial service.

Artemis Arrow Books is a U.S. company founded by Konstantinos Koskoletos in 2015. It was formed to bring to the American market books he has written involving the history of Greece from World War II through the post-war period.  Artemis Arrow Books is a publishing company with a Hellenic Vision and we welcome any new works from authors to contact us at

The first published work under the Artemis imprint is "Miseries of Occupation: A Child Survivor Remembers."  

The most recent published work is in Greek, entitled "Περα απ' τους Οριζοντες" which is available through our website